Questions about treatment

Why is a different number of proposed procedures at different spas?

Different number of procedures due to the specific conditions of the sanatorium - medical specialization, medical base level, the scale of the proposed procedures.

How do you know exactly what the procedure will be assigned to me in the resort / hotel spa?

As a rule, the treatment program includes hydrotherapy, mud treatment (if used at the spa mud) gazolechenie, electrotherapy, physiotherapy. But the type of therapeutic procedures and their combination as part of your individual treatment plan appoint a doctor in the health resort / spa hotel.

Do doctors in spas / Spa hotels Perform reception at the weekend?

Typically, doctors perform reception on weekdays only. But in some spas / spa hotels doctors conduct reception on Saturday.

Whether medical procedures are carried out at the weekend?

Medical procedures are carried out mainly during the week, but in some cases, specific procedures may carry out on Saturday. Doctors balneologists recommend a weekend break from the procedures, because of their continual carrying a strain on the body.

Can I choose the procedures that will be provided to me?

Specific procedures, depending on your medical condition and complaints, appoint a doctor-balneology in the sanatorium. Independently, you can choose wellness treatments, which are usually conducted without a prescription.



How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

After the completion of the reservation to your email address immediately comes confirmation of the booking. If you have not seen in your e-mail confirming your reservation, check the folder "Spam".

How do I change the booking date after I received confirmation of the reservation?

Change arrival-departure dates only possible by a new reservation and cancel the previous one.

Where can I make a cancellation?

Cancellations can be made in your private section on the site.

Where can I read the terms of cancellation?

Check the terms for free cancellation and see the fine collection of rules (if provided rules sanatorium / spa) can be after you choose your dates of stay in the resort / spa hotel - you will see a list of rooms available and a link to the cancellation conditions. Information about the amount of the fine is also duplicated on the last step of the reservation page (data on the conditions of cancellation are placed under final price of your booking).

Can I cancel the reservation in the period of action of penalties in order to make a new one?

If you need to change the terms of booking, you can cancel the reservation even in the period of the penalty. They will not apply if you are after a canceled immediately make a new booking for the same hotel.

Why www.onlinespahotel.com prices cheaper than the resort's official website?

Onlinespahotel.com sanatoriums provides a large number of customers, so they give us a more favorable price.

Is there a guarantee that the settlement did not require resort to pay the price higher than stated when booking?

You book directly at the resort. When booking the price fixed in the sanatorium system and not subject to revision.

How to pay?

Each hotel has its own requirements for payment. After booking, you will receive a confirmation indicating the last date of payment of your order. Most hotels ask for payment for 2-3 weeks prior to arrival. You can pay the reservation by bank transfer or by card on our website.

Why should I pay in advance, not at the hotel, as it happens in the case of reservations on other sites?

Yes, many of our competitors offer payment on the spot. But almost always the hotels, getting your card data block amount of the order of 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival. In fact, you do not pay on the spot. In addition, your credit card information into the hands of employees and the site of the hotel, and is not always the data stored properly. For these reasons, we have you pay in advance and 100% secure channels. Neither we, nor the hotels do not have access to your card


Booking Transfer

How can I use the shuttle booking service?

On our site realized the possibility of online booking of transfers. This is a very useful feature that allows during booking to make a reservation and transfer. If you have booked a hotel without a shuttle, but later want to use the shuttle service, the personal account as much as possible within 48 hours can book a shuttle service before arrival. There is also a free shuttle service to cancel 48 hours prior to arrival

How to order a return transfer?

You can order a return shuttle service when you are in the resort / hotel spa, but it is advisable for a few days before his departure from the resort / hotel spa.

How do I know who I will meet upon arrival at the airport?

You will be welcomed with a sign name and surname in the airport waiting room.

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