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When your doctor advises undergo spa treatment, it is usually recommended by the well-known resorts. In this case, the doctor, although take care of your health, but it may not always know the specifics of each resort. For example, physicians often prescribe their patients undergo spine treatment in Karlovy Vary, not thinking that the diseases of the musculoskeletal system are only a secondary specialization in this resort.

If you choose the resort through a travel agency, it is likely to recommend you to go to the resort, which this agency is most advantageous to sell.

In addition, few people think that even a few resorts that specialize in the same disease, can treat them with varying degrees of effectiveness.

What you need to know about the criteria for selection of the resort?

Each resort has a primary and secondary specialization. This means that natural factors of the resort (the composition of mineral water, curative mud, climatic conditions) in more or less suitable for the treatment of specific groups of diseases.
For example, the main specialization of the Czech resort of Podebrady due to the unique composition of the local mineral water «Podebradka» is the treatment of the cardiovascular system. The secondary specialization Poděbrady is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. But it is much more effective treatment of spinal diseases can be passed to the Czech spas Jáchymov and Teplice.
There are multi-resorts, natural factors that are effective for the treatment of various disease groups.
For example, in the resort of Marienbad different composition of mineral water sources allows quite effectively to treat kidney, liver, urinary tract. A local mud proved to be effective both in the treatment of gynecological diseases and musculoskeletal system. Natural carbon dioxide Marienbad is used in some procedures aimed at treatment of cardiovascular system.
Spas having the same specialization, may be treated with varying degrees of effectiveness.
This is due to the peculiarities of the influence of natural factors of different resorts on the body. For example, the main specialization resorts Jachymov and Teplice are diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But the main curative factor is the Jáchymov Radon water, and in Teplice - thermal mineral water.
It is proved that the thermal mineral water in Teplice is very effective for the treatment of cerebral palsy, so this resort welcomes children with cerebral palsy aged from 1 year. Jáchymov Radon water is also used for the treatment of cerebral palsy, but doctors do not recommend to carry out radon children up to 18 years.
None of the resorts can not completely cure chronic diseases, which have already led to irreversible processes in the body.
As a rule, medical resort factors can (but not in all cases) to eliminate the development of inflammatory and suspend the development of degenerative processes in the body. During a particular disease individually for each person and depends on many factors. Accordingly, two different patient with the same disease may get a completely different therapeutic effect of spa treatment. Some patients, leaving, for example, to resort Jachymov, more than two years there is a significant improvement, while others - only a few months.

If you doubt the choice of the resort, take advantage of free advice from our support team - you will prompt where it is best to undergo spa treatment based on the characteristics of your health.

To access, balneology experts in the customer support write on e-mail: or call - 00420777666555

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